(English meaning: “AS IT WAS”)

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“Nothing is too small or too “ordinary”. Eustace is a master craftsman and an accomplished artist. This lends his work great integrity and makes it a pleasure to behold.“

GILES SUTHERLAND, Art Critic, The Times


An idea of Harris had haunted Eustace for over twenty years. The wild nature and remoteness would lend a clarity of mind, a possibility of reconsideration alongside the direct inspiration of the landscape. This was a place where time has stood still, as the season turns immutably; an island facing the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, life lived in the lee of the storm, senses sharpened, tuned to the drama of each day. The artist’s response was to use slower shutter speeds, the longer exposures symbolic of a pause, an inward breath to allow the experience to persist and lending a grainy truth and mineral sparkle to the rocks and sand. All senses are engaged (the blast of ozone is palpable). And yet what might be called the unconscious will of the artist is at play and while the photographs are compellingly true to place, Eustace’s painterly, abstract aesthetic is present and this suite of works are linked physically and emotionally to the three other themes of the exhibition.

- GUY PEPLOE, Director of The Scottish Gallery


“(…) images are beautifully and meticulously crafted, without artifce and with a directness and sincerity of vision that is the hallmark of his work. “

JULIE LAWSON, Senior Curator, Scottish National Portrait Gallery