What Dreams We Have

The title of this short film comes from a poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar (1876 -1902). I came across it whilst looking for a missing link to an idea I had after Christopher Hampson (CEO / Creative Director) and Charlotte Gross (Marketing Director)  of Scottish Ballet asked me to become involved with the companies "Digital Season". There wasn't a brief, only a hope to do something interesting and I was given complete creative freedom. I decided to write and direct a 4 minute film. Featuring the companies principal dancer, Sophie Martin, who I've worked with previously, and Michael Wildman, a friend, who I felt would be perfect for the role of the pianist. Both cast members brought a delicacy, character and an element of intrigue to the piece I felt was important. Supported by the hauntingly yet comforting beautiful score Für Alina by Arvo Pärt.  I've been asked what's the films meaning...a journey, a moment, a wish. I guess it encompasses all but there is really no beginning, middle nor end and is presented as such for others to interpret.




Behind the scenes

After writing the script I approached Ray Allan of FOND films, a producer I've worked with for many years. Knowing he would appreciate and fully understand my hopes. At the same time I was very aware of what he would bring to the film, not only in terms of a professional contribution, but also in terms of a personal comment. With most projects attention to detail is paramount and I'm a great believer it's often better to work in smaller units rather than larger ones. It allows an intimacy and sense of being part of a process that can sometimes be lost in larger production. We spent one day filming at St Peter's Seminary just outside Cardross on Scotland's west coast, which turned out to be a race against the time due to the winter shorter days and the freezing cold weather. The following morning a couple of hours were spent picking up the opening and closing scenes at Prestonfield House Hotel in Edinburgh. Below are some production snaps taken during the filming. I would like to thank the crew who helped make this film possible and who always inspire me with their commitment to their craft. When folk care or go that extra yard, the results often reflect this. I hope you enjoy "WHAT DREAMS WE HAVE"