The Highland Heart portfolio was sponsored and supported once again by the US retail giant Anthropologie. As the second in the series of work I produced linked to their arts based initiative The Anthropologist, the purpose of which was to celebrate and allow individual artists who "inspire them" the chance to create personal bodies of work fully funded through sponsorship. After the success of the initial 'In Search of Eustace' portfolio I again chose to create a series of images linked by a road trip. Returning to Scotland i created this series of landscapes on the western highlands and hebridean islands off Scotlands west coast, a place very dear to me. 

My hope is these images offer a window to a land that belongs to no man and celebrate a split second, a moment when this land smiled at me and I felt humbled. I feel at peace here. A place where I can stop, listen and am reminded of the simple sounds of the earth. A place I know as home. Generations past, present and hopefully those in the future will bear witness to this landscape. A landscape that's changed little over many centuries yet daily offers new wondrous sights depending simply of the seasons and shifting winds who's spirit and heart no man can dictate.