In 2012 I was approached by The WEIR Group PLC, a global oil, gas and fuel supplier and asked to create a body of work for them. I suggested we create an artists portfolio which could offer multi purpose opportunities, many of which would normally be overlooked and rarely considered in such an industry. I felt too many large corporations were generally producing the same thing each year and loosing sight of the pioneering vision and spirit many of them were founded on. The two brothers who founded the WEIR Group hoped to `'see the world differently" and I considered this in my approach. With over a 150 plants worldwide I chose primarily to visit 3 major facilities and some local smaller ones.  In an initial 6 week period I visited Brazil, Chile and the USA creating a personal document of what I found inspiring and what interested me as an artist. This resulted in 5 beautifully hand made stamped and signed portfolios each consisting of 50 prints with an "artists statement". In 2015 images from this portfolio featured widely in national press leading up to my "Selected Works" exhibition at The Scottish Gallery. A selection of the portfolio images are offered as Limited Edition prints and which have been collected and housed in homes and galleries as far a field as Zurich and San Francisco. The main "Four Steelworkers" print (Edition of 10) was also purchased by Aberdeen Asset Management and hangs in their London office. 

Having worked in a heavy industrial environment previously there's something I've often found which goes beyond the obvious immediate expectations. There's a delicacy and a fragility to be found by looking deeper than just the surface. With this portfolio I soon came to recognise an almost warrior battlefield like environment. The landscapes were harsh and often barren and those who worked there started to resemble gladiatorial figures in my mind. Not offered or presented in any form of brutality although it can be one of the most hostile environments due to the nature of what it produces, but equally there's also strength of character and pride and as such a beauty and celebration of structure, discipline and strategy.  

Below is a small selection from this portfolio.