These past few months have seen me fully committed to a magical project, which at present, I can't say too much about, other than it's been an incredible opportunity and experience. Towards the middle of August I was approached by Gillian Berrie (Producer) and David Mackenzie (Director) of Sigma Films who offered me an open brief to create a stills document around their new Sigma / Netflix production of David's latest film: OUTLAW KING ("OK")... filming at home here in Scotland. It was a major commitment of 65 days but on reflection very much a worthwhile one on many levels. The scale of this film / production is epic and to see up close so many talented folk come together for the one hope is a reminder of the passion and professionalism in the film industry. It was a genuine privilege to be a small part of this group. Netflix have purchased the rights to the images and so alas at this time I can't release any from the project. Hopefully, however, on the films release the portfolio will be made available in collaboration with David Mackenzie and an idea he and I have discussed and which would make a very powerful exhibition... watch this space.