"What if..."

Thoroughly enjoyed taking part in TEDx Glasgow 2017.  The enthusiasm and energy from the audience and commitment from the production staff was simply fantastic. Thanks to all involved.

I decided to talk on following your passions, dreams and how it's often a very confusing and indirect path that can help us realise them. Taking that first often hesitant step and how serendipity can smile when least expected. 

"WHAT IF..." hopefully offers thought, inspiration and perhaps some answers. 

I'm a great believer where you come from should never hold you back from where you hope to go...and that if you care passionately about something then whilst a final result is never assured you should never fear that first step.

This lecture is based on my hopes as a 16 year old in Glasgow's East End and dreaming of a road trip adventure in a far-off distant land. 

Almost 30 years later I realised that dream and created the portfolio IN SEARCH OF EUSTACE with my 16 year old daughter, Rachael. This is the events that led and connected many paths that one day saw me being given complete creative freedom to produce this body of work supported by the US retail giant Anthropologie to highlight their celebrations of artists who inspire them

I hope you take something from this and enjoy. 

"Never allow WHAT IF to become IF ONLY".

This talk aims to highlight and display evidence of the importance in taking a first, often doubtful and fearful, step. The possibility of rejection and negativity can cast doubt on hopes and to an extent shape the future. "What if?"